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What are the techniques for family glass vases?
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The vase can be used as a decoration, but it can also be inserted into flowers. It can be said to be a dual-use thing. It is very cost-effective. So, what are the precautions when using a glass vase to arrange flowers? Let’s take a look and let the house be no longer monotonous. .

[1] Vases should be properly vased in a vase. First of all, a vase of suitable flowers should be used. It should be noted that the color of each flower and flower is different, so it is appropriate to choose a vase for these flowers. Usually, if the flowers are straight lines, it is very suitable to choose a vase with a long straight body, and the number of flowers is large, and the flowers with large flowers are more suitable for vases with bulging belly. As for the flower arrangement of art, the corresponding nature or characteristics are needed. vase.

[2] The flower material is suitable for the flowers and flowers from the nature in the market, but not all the flowers can be used as vase flower flowers. Moreover, in the selection of the flower material, in order to avoid the phenomenon of smashing the owner and the color of the flower, the color of the selected flower material is preferably not more than three colors. The variety and quantity of modern and simple camellia flowers should be streamlined, the color of the flowers should not be too complicated, and the number of rich and colorful flower arrangements can be more, but the color can not be excessively messy. [3] Pruning the flowers that are reasonably bought home can be arranged by appropriate trimming, but some friends have over-cut. Generally, a vase of flower vases has a main body, and other flower vases are set off, so for the main body, the main flowers are generally the highest point and the widest point of the flower arrangement, and then according to this body, the other The flowers are inserted nearby, so the flower arrangement looks more full, the mood is farther and the effect is better.

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