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Glass vase what color atmosphere
2020/3/10 8:50:16   Source:RIZHAO AOTAI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.    Hit:

What color is the glass vase? There is no fixed requirement for this, as long as the color you like is the best. Here are a few nice vase colors for everyone.

1, transparent color vase

The transparent color vase gives a sense of art, and it is very clean. It gives the family a beautiful landscape. The transparent glass gives people a colorful feeling and makes people imagine the space. And the colorful world allows people to feel the excitement of life.

2, smoke gray vase

The smoky gray glass vase looks more sensational, very romantic, and low-key luxury has connotation. The cool color of the gray system makes the home look very clean, and it really makes everyone feel very fashionable, and strives to create a simplified decoration that adapts to the spirit of the industrial age and is unique.

3, sky blue vase

The sky blue vase is very beautiful and fresh, and it is very pure. It is often reminiscent of the ocean, the sky and the water. It has a very calm and steady feeling, and it is honest, attaches importance to the trust relationship between people, and is polite with people. Blue is both warm and literary, and it also reflects the elegant taste of the owner.

4, yellow vase

The yellow glass vase symbolizes wealth and desire. It is very warm and mature. The yellow represents dignified, elegant, youthful and lovely. It represents the rising sun of every day. The yellowish color can match the various colors with satisfactory results. The bright apricot yellow It will create a youthful and unrestrained mood.

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