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Crystal glass ornaments embellish the home, show unique
2020/2/19 10:37:41   Source:RIZHAO AOTAI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.    Hit:

The new home is renovated, and friends who like to decorate their own homes will think about finding some furnishings for their home. Nowadays, some crystal or glass decorations, such as vases, fruit bowls, candy trays, etc., are popular in the market. Put them in every corner of the room, with different shapes and different weather. Some are simple and elegant, some are elegant and smooth, colorful, some are full-bodied, dignified and sturdy, revealing their own charm. A delicate, dazzling, color-dream glass bottle is presented in front of our eyes and decorated in our home.

Recently, the reporter saw several beautiful crystal glass crafts in a shopping mall, as well as a full-featured glass vase, which is recommended for everyone.

Is there a unique glass vase? Yes, but the price is not cheap. According to reports, this kind of vase is a handicraft made by artist JON TAMAIAN. It is a handmade product. Its production process and creative concept are original and unique. Each product has the signature of the artist and has high collection value. It is also easier to integrate with the furnishings at home. The golden flowers are dotted on the vase, which is a bit more charming and noble. This vase can be placed at will

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