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Why do a glass vase sell to millions?
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In the international art market, glass art is a common category. For example, the glass art masters of the French decorative movement, Rennie Laric, and the Dim brothers, can reach millions of RMB. In the domestic market, glass art is a niche category. The glass in the eyes of the domestic public is a daily use product. Why can a glass vase sell tens of thousands or even millions? What are the categories of glass art? What about the appreciation space?

Glass art collection

Some large Western companies, such as Sotheby's and Christie's, often have cases of glass art sales. Glass art has a long history in the West and is often presented as an independent art category.

The history of glass is very long. There are colored handicrafts in ancient China, but in recent centuries there has been a fault in the history of Chinese glassware. Although we can see the use of glassware in the courts of the Qing Dynasty, this technique or these artifacts was also introduced by Western missionaries.

In modern times, we have the technology of casting glass. We use glass as a laboratory tool and mass daily necessities. It was first used in thermos liners and light bulbs, but we lack the technology to make it a "art".

Relatively speaking, blowing glass is more difficult, more random and artistic. There are famous glass masters in the world, which is zero in the country - there are almost no artists in the country to do the art of glass. Because the threshold of glass art technology is high, but its category is not recognized by the market, the collectors of glass in China are almost zero. There is no such a craftsman in China. If there is no system, artists can't create, they can't form a market, and there is no collector.

Degree of glass art collection

Glassware is just a vessel in the eyes of ordinary people. At best, it is just a "crafts". How to reach the level of "artwork" in popular cognition. When it comes to contemporary glass art, Dale Chihuly, the famous glass artist, can't avoid the glass art of his installation in public spaces such as water, forests, hotels, etc., which is very eye-catching. He brought a new form of glass art. And he himself will not burn glass, the work is working with artisans. The glass material gives the artist the opportunity to create a second time. The glass is crystal clear, rich in color, clean and pure. This is irreplaceable by ceramics or other materials. For artists to express this purity, only glass can be used.

In China, people have an understanding and understanding of artists. When they return, they will have a new understanding of the material of glass, and slowly break the boundary of “practical” and “process”. The artist's creative creation, through the hands of glass craftsmen, presents the perfection and artistry of glass, showing the artistic value of glass. Perhaps the collectors have bought the artist's paintings in the past, and then they will collect the artist's glass works. Once the price has been compared, the measurement system and awareness will be established slowly.

The relationship between the artist and the glass craftsman

A good glass art, the artist and the craftsman are indispensable: the artist has the mind and the mind, the craftsman has the superb technique, and the artist uses the craftsman's hand to present the artwork. The artist's creation can be all-round, and can be a medium of painting, sculpture, video, etc., of course, glass can also be used. However, there are currently no good craftsmen in China who can help them realize the artistic creation of glass media. This is a problem and a vacancy. There is an official glass museum in Shanghai. At that time, because of Shanghai's bid to host the World Expo, a world-wide glass museum was needed.

The road to the development of glass art in China is still very long, and it may take several generations of efforts. But when you see collectors, institutions, and hotels come to buy, the potential is very big. I believe that in the future, China's glass art will have a place in the world.

Baggio glass vase

The difference between glass casting and blowing

Casting glass is produced by making molds, which can be quantified, but the process is quite long, and it takes at least 45 days to mold, design, cast, and polish. After the blown glass is blown, it can be cooled after 12 hours of cooling. In addition, blown glass is more artistic and random, and can be expressed freely in a flash. It also saves the process of polishing, and each piece is unique. It is because of its non-replicability, making its artistic value even more cherished.

Which glass art masters are worthy of attention

During the period of the French Art Deco Movement (20th to 30th of the 20th century), there were a group of glass masters, such as Rennie Laric, Francois-Emile Decorchenont (1880-1971), and Amiric. · Almeric walter (1859-1942), Daum Brothers, Maurice Marinot (1882-1960), etc., at high international prices. Rolls-Royce's front is designed by Laric. In the 1980s, Japan almost monopolized the works of Laric. A lot of good works flowed to Japan during that period. At present, there are manufacturers and art galleries in Larik in Japan, and the glass industry in Japan has also made great progress. Speaking of the Czech Republic, their pride is in the precision and machinery industries, such as Czech firearms; the second is the bohemian glass, such as church glass, glass relief, blown glass... In fact, the first to create the Swarovski brand is the Czech Republic. People, and later Austrians have carried out an all-round improvement in design, making it an Austrian brand.

There is a “Crystal Valley” glass town in the Czech Republic. The ancestors of the locals discovered quartz sand mines, followed by water, fire and wood. Just like China’s “five elements”, these materials have been used to develop the local glass industry. There are more than one hundred glass enterprises and workshops in the local area. The government integrates these enterprises and uses resources to promote the development of glass in Prague, creating the concept of “Crystal Valley”, which also drives the tourism industry. Today, due to the “Belt and Road”, China and the Czech Republic are closer, and we hope that Czech Glass's good resources, good talents and good management can be introduced to China.

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