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Making a cup of water, making a secret, not knowing, is now publicizing
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There are several ways to make cups and cups. As far as Xiaobian knows, the most common one is the glass. In life, the shadow of the glass can be seen everywhere. It's simple and beautiful, it's durable, it's safer than a plastic cup, it's easy to break. Xiaobian himself is also a glass.

First, the cup of water is made of glass

The production of glass cups in the style of cups and cups is mainly divided into manual blowing and machine pressing according to the production method.

Artificial blown glass:

The original should be a hand-blown glass, use a stainless steel hollow tube to pick a proper amount of high-temperature molten glass water, blow it into a spherical shape like a balloon, and then put it into a previously prepared mold to continue to blow into the mold. Fit the shape, then open the mold, clip the cup into the annealing furnace to remove the stress of the glass, and then cut, edging, mounting (foot or handle), polishing, is the finished glass.

The principle that the machine blows the glass is the same as the manual, but it is blown by a person into a bubbler.

Pressed glass:

Pressing the glass machine molds are fixed on the turntable one by one. The turntable usually has 8 or 10 molds. One punch is suspended above the top. The glass is dripped into the mold through a barrel, and then transferred. When the punch is under the punch, the glass is pressed and formed, and then the glass is manually taken out and placed in the annealing furnace. The finished glass is the finished glass.

The difference between glassware manual and machine blowing:

If it is a water cup: only look at the cup whether there is a seam line and the wall thickness can be distinguished. Manually blown cups generally have no seam line, the cup wall is thin, most of them have slight bubbles and streamlines, and the specifications are slightly different. The machine The blown cup wall is thicker, some have stitching lines, and the bubbles, streamlines are small, and the dimensions are the same.

If it is a goblet: in terms of domestic glassware, the mechanism is thick and thick, and the cup type is smaller and looks thicker (or stupid). The artificially blown cup is thin and quite thin. Fine, more styling, looks more refined, of course, there may be bubbles and streamlines.

If it is a goblet of a well-known foreign brand, the mechanism of the cup is better than manual blowing: thin, thin wall, no bubbles, streamline, shape and other aspects are no different from manual blowing.

Second, why is the cup made of glass beautiful?

The glass prepared by the glass powder method constitutes a romantic black and white polka dot art work.

The soda ash of the glass batch material can be seen that the particles of different sizes are closely clustered together, like a blooming rose.

The dolomite of the glass batch material, the dolomite has an irregular shape, and the particle size is not uniform, just like the vast universe.

The glass prepared by the glass powder method is like a purple transparent small bubble.

Glass-ceramic refers to a base glass with a specific composition of a nucleating agent (or no nucleating agent), and is subjected to crystallization heat treatment under a certain temperature system to uniformly deposit a large amount of minute crystals in the glass to form a dense micro. A multiphase composite of a crystalline phase and a glass phase.

The calcite of the glass batch, the particles of calcite are like a love shape.

Third, what kind of material is more healthy?

A healthier cup is a glass

In all kinds of cups, the glass is healthier. The glass does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process. When people drink glass or other drinks, don't worry about the chemicals being drunk. The belly is gone, and the surface of the glass is smooth, the wall of the cup is transparent, and it is easy to find dirt. It is easy to clean with dirt. Bacteria and dirt are not easy to be born on the cup wall, so it is healthier and safer to drink with a glass.

Although the glass does not contain chemicals and is easy to clean, because the glass material has high thermal conductivity, it is easy for the user to accidentally burn himself. If the water temperature is too high, the cup may be broken, and hot water should be avoided as much as possible.

The cup is made of glass, the original is made of glass is the healthiest, no wonder the most common is the glass. But because of its shortcomings, Xiaobian has already fallen a few times.

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