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2019 China (Guangzhou) International Glass Exhibition
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CGE China Glasstec Expo China (Guangzhou) International Glass Exhibition and Guangzhou International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition (CGE) is jointly developed by Guangdong Glass Industry Association and Guangzhou Ruihong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., the largest exhibition operator in Asia. Professional exhibition in the glass industry. The 2019 exhibition will continue to be held at the Guangzhou-Pazhou-Canton Fair Complex from August 22nd to 24th.

2019 Guangzhou Glass Exhibition

      In 2019, China (Guangzhou) International Glass Exhibition will continue to increase its business in float glass, glass deep processing, glass kiln, automotive glass, home appliance glass, special glass, slab glass, ware glass, daily glass, fireproof glass, etc. Buyers, including downstream building doors and windows, curtain walls, interior decoration, real estate companies, design institutes, decoration and decoration engineering companies, home appliances, automotive vehicles, new energy, optical electronics, mobile touch products, etc. It will bring more business opportunities to more glass and glass industrial technology companies, and provide a best display trading platform for glass technology industry enterprises to export to foreign countries and open up the domestic market. It is expected to be from Singapore, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, Russia, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Macau, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hunan, Zhejiang, Shanghai. Nearly 60,000 professional buyers from Jiangsu, Beijing, Hubei, Henan and Shandong attended the event.

       Due to the enthusiastic response from the previous exhibitors, the 2019 exhibition was unveiled with a larger exhibition area, and leading companies in the industry made their appearances, including: Jiangmen Yaopi, Dongguan CSG, Zhongshan Grant, Qibin Group, AVIC Sanxin, Dongguan Silver Tong, Benxi Yujing (Yingxin Group), Hubei Yilan Yaoneng, Zhongnan Rosen, Shenzhen Pengbo, Turner Jiangbo, Nanliang Yibo, LiSEC (LISEC), Luoyang Randy, Anhui Jingling, Guangdong Dozens of leading enterprises such as Jinbo, Vesuwei Celluloid and Henan Integrity have appeared at the exhibition. People in the industry have expressed that the South China market is particularly eager for a professional glass industry exhibition as an exchange platform for the industry.

       Among them, focusing glass deep processing, float glass, glass kiln, auto glass, home appliance glass, decorative glass, special glass, slab glass, fire glass and glass downstream real estate developers, architects and engineering units, interior decoration, glass stores, Design institutes, decoration and decoration companies, mobile touch, new energy and other glass deep processing use industry units! Locking high-end glass deep processing, glass float, glass kiln, daily-use glass and other processing and production enterprises to visit and procure the international audience to grow tremendously - 6,000+ people overseas audiences more than 60 professional glass associations and glass magazine promotion, Maximize your participation and visit benefits.

       Range of exhibition:

       Glass deep processing: architectural decorative glass, home appliances and electrical glass, furniture home glass, automotive glass, electronic glass, art glass, ware glass, special glass, 3D curved glass, new energy glass, energy-saving glass doors and windows and accessories, etc. Class; glass equipment, raw materials: glass deep processing machinery, production lines, cutting tools and abrasives, glass production technology and equipment, instrumentation and testing equipment, raw materials, refractory materials and various auxiliary materials;

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