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What are the beautiful and practical glass vases?
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The decorative nature of the glass vase is very good and will be used by everyone's family. The following small series will give you a recommendation to introduce, glass vases have some good-looking and practical, what is the purchase method.

glass vase

Glass vases can be mainly divided into these

From the size of the size can be divided into small vases, floor vases, oversized vases

In terms of moral decoration, there are small lucky bottles and big money bottles.

From the use can be divided into ornamental vases, collection vases, practical vases

From the color difference can be divided into red porcelain vase, blue and white porcelain vase, pastel vase

glass vase

Glass vase selection method

Check the bottom of the bottle to see if the bottom of the bottle is stable. You can put the vase on a level surface and gently touch it with your hand to see if the vase will shake.

Check the color of the body of the bottle is not uniform, especially for the color of the vase.

In addition, it is necessary to carefully check whether the surface of the glass vase has black spots or some large particles, which is mainly due to the fact that the manufactured raw materials are not fully opened.

glass vase

Carefully check the surface of the glass vase for a large number of bubbles. The bubbles should not be too concentrated and the diameter should not be too large.

The mouth of the glass vase should also be carefully watched. If there is a cut, it is necessary to take a closer look at whether the mouth of the vase has collapsed to see if it is smooth and not uneven.

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