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Glass vase identification method
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The glass vase is mostly made of ceramics and glass. Its appearance is beautiful and smooth, and it is made of expensive materials such as precious crystal. Modern home decorations are not enough for practical use. More and more designers are incorporating clever ideas, and the function of beautifying the home is applied to ordinary home decorations.

Most glass vases are now fake, and the value is the same as ordinary ones. Then, the following small series teaches you how to identify glass vases.

1, first of all to see if the bottom of the bottle is stable. Place the vase on a flat surface and gently touch it with your hand to see if the glass vase will shake.

2. Check if the color of the bottle is even. Pay special attention to this color vase. However, the color difference as shown in the figure does not belong to this problem. This is because the vase is artificially blown, and the color of the convex portion is lightened, which is a normal phenomenon.

3. It is necessary to check whether there are black large pieces of the surface of the vase. This is caused by the fact that the raw materials of the vase are not completely opened. If the size of the vase is extremely small, if it is larger than 5mm, it is necessary to contact the seller. Replace the product.

4. Check if there are a lot of bubbles on the surface of the glass vase (except for the bubble vases that are intentionally made). If the bubbles are many and concentrated together, it is not possible; the diameter of the bubbles is too large, and it is not acceptable. (The number of bubbles and the size of the bubble are relative to the size of the vase)

5, if the mouth of the glass vase is cut, you need to see if there is a collapse in the mouth. If the mouth of the vase is open, you need to see if the mouth is uneven.

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