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Frosted glass creates an elegant space for you
2019-10-10 10:44:51   Source:RIZHAO AOTAI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.    Hit:

Some people say that glass is the most strange and delicate decoration element. It is because it has a fragile soul. This kind of fragility makes people feel awkward. It has both light and shadow changes, and it firmly releases a transparent beauty, plus its Reflective performance, this transparent beauty has broadened people's horizons, allowing people to improve their room size. It is also the transparent beauty of glass. It takes a long time to make people tired of the coldness of ice, especially those who like warm colors. The texture of ice is not enough to meet their needs for a delicate living environment. The appearance of frosted glass enriches the monotonous transparency of the glass.

The glass furniture on the market, with the continuous deepening of the interior decoration, is getting more and more colorful, and the vases of various colors are dazzling. In addition to the exquisite and exquisite glass vases, the beauty of the color brings more and more attention to people. Ordinary glass vases, because of their strong reflective properties, have a glare of visual discomfort over time, especially colored vases. After the vases were sanded, it was like a thin layer of fine sand on the surface of the glass. The thick beauty of the vase drove away the monotonous transparency. After the frosted color vase, it looks even more beautiful.

Glass furniture is very common in everyday life. Nowadays, there are more and more glass furniture to choose from. The common ones are dining tables, coffee tables, glass partitions, and are decorated with transparent glass, which is monotonous. Decorated with frosted glass, it will make the home environment look awkward and warm. With the original unpretentious natural color of glass and the artistic atmosphere after frosting, it creates a dreamlike space.

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